“The employee of the Internal Affairs Bodies should sincerely love his/her profession, consider it an honour to serve the people and the Republic of Azerbaijan, be physically fit and morally clean...”

Every profession has its unique features, advantages and difficulties. Police Service stands out among all professions by complexity and responsibility. The occupation of police officer is very important in the regulation of social relations. For this reason, in order to win the sympathy of the people and turn them into own supporters, it is required to act according to the responsible tasks due to the challenges and threats of the modern period in the first place. Since citizen’s satisfaction with the police is a major challenge in the center of the state policy of Azerbaijan, every police officer is aware of the need of the society for him/her. The police have certain ability to control the behaviour of a person, it should be apparent and stand out.

Since the relations of police with society, as a rule, are the subject of discussions, the question comes to mind of the people in extreme situation first of all “Is the police required or not?”. Because this is due to both legal and moral reasons to some extent. But there is another side - no country has proved till now which problems could be caused by the challenges and threats of epoch?! There was a time when they tried to prove that the police have no role and function in society, that it do not take preventive measures. However, a supported practice proves that with the development of society the role of police deepens in the social environment.

With the development of society, the advanced traditions form, public oversight strengthens, and securing of human rights turns into a social order. As a democratic principle, it stems from the criteria of the development of civil society. Society knows what, in fact, this reality is. Conventional wisdom is that in societies where human rights are strong and are not violated, there is stability, development and prosperity. But when human rights are violated they consider responsible not themselves but the police. The law also entrusts the task to the police in Azerbaijan. Police Act specifically emphasizes that the police protect the rights and freedoms of human and citizen, and operates on the principles of humanism.

In one of his interviews, when considering the situation of the moral features of the police, Minister of Internal Affairs, Colonel-General Mr. Ramil Usubov said that enforcement officer must sincerely love his profession, consider it an honour to serve the people and the Republic of Azerbaijan, be physically fit and morally clean. ‘He must realize how essential his activities for society and citizens, and endure the difficulties of service. A police officer must be bold, decisive, principled, educated, enterprising, at the same time careful in dealing with people and courteous in his behaviour.

For this reason, analysis of the police activity shows that for the rule of law, effective protection of the interests of the state and duration of a favourable investment climate in the country, such priority tasks as the professional security of peace, the strengthening of personnel discipline and deepening of police relations with the citizens face the Azerbaijani society.

The result of all the above is the improvement of the performance indexes year after year and the significance, which is given to transparency. This reality actualizes transparency in the service activity on the basis of mutual cooperation in police relations with citizens. One of the main directions of the reforms made in the police is just the involvement of civil society in early warning and prevention of crime.

Today, everyone who understands and does not understand, saw and did not see the lie and the truth, talk about human rights. Sometimes the objectivity disappears so that people do not know what it is, what they want. The exact truth is that under no circumstances the state laws can be broken. We are not the same as before and we have changed significantly, we have not formal, but real laws and regulations.
We can claim and do claim our rights. We integrate into the civilized world and build a very intense relationship with the developed countries. In such a situation, the first duty of the citizen of Azerbaijan is the protection of Azerbaijani statehood, responsive attitude and loyalty to its laws. The experience shows that a society armed with positive ideas is more effective. It is interesting that the police suffer most, it is the guardian of the rule of law day and night, and just its activity becomes the subject of public discussions?!

In developed societies, where the reliable protection of public security lies not only on the law enforcement agencies of the state, each citizen is responsible. This is the only way out, as the inevitability of punishment and correction of humans is a very contentious issue. As a society responsible for each person, so each person is responsible for society, he lives not only for himself, but also for society.

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