As it is known, 120 years of the history of the automotive industry was celebrated. But in the first 50 years, not a single car was provided with reliable safety equipment. Statistics showed that if at the time seat belts were used, more than one million people could have been saved.

The results of these studies show that one of the primary causes of deaths in the event of accidents is speeding, and the second - non-usage of seat belts. So irresponsibleness of drivers sometimes costs them their lives. Several years ago, we saw that the drivers on the roads of the capital did not use safety belts. Today, the reality is that as a result of preventive measures carried out by the traffic police in the capital and the country, 45 percent of drivers use seat belts. But this is not considered a good indicator. Using the seat belt by the passenger sitting next to the driver, could further improve the situation. Transfer this to the discretion of the passenger is not the best idea. 

Each driver must pay attention to the use of a seat belt for safety of his/her life. Also, they should demand it from passengers. Because no one will be able to ensure passenger safety in the event of an accident. At high collision death usually occurs as a result of the fact that the passenger is not buckled, and flies in the front window. As a result of statistical research, it became known that because of the least number of victims of road accidents, Switzerland ranks first in the world. The reason for this is that 93 percent of Swedes use the seat belt. Currently, since in this country seat belt use became mandatory, the number of serious road accidents decreased by 5 times, the number of light accidents decreased by 3 times.

As a result of statistical research in Japan, it became known that the use of seat belt leads to the fact that 75 of the 100 cases do not end with death. But US experts believe that during the collision belts in 77 cases out of 100, and during the rollover in 91 cases save the life of the driver. In Azerbaijan use of the seat belt is also mandatory. Indifferent to this law are punishable by a fine. It should also be noted that at present some cars of foreign brands before the start give a signal that the belt is not fastened. These vehicles can also be found on the streets of the capital. It is considered a good memorable tool for forgetful drivers.

Finally, as you know, in 2012, some changes were made to the Code of Administrative Offences of Azerbaijan. Under the changes, it was increased the amount of fines for violation of some rules of the road. So, for driving the vehicle without a seat belt fine increased from 15 AZN to 40 AZN. For exceeding the speed limit traffic on the road at 10-30 km/h has been set a fine of 20 AZN, 30-60 km/h - 100 AZN, 60 km/h - 150 AZN.

The progress was reached after tightening the penalties in this area. For example, there was a time when safety belts were not used at all. And now this is very rare. 

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