They who gave false information were detained


On January 12 at 12.38 pm, an unknown person called the “112” service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and said in English that they had a bomb and a terror act would take place.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the information had been transferred to the “102” service. The emergency measures have been immediately taken together with the staff of the concerned bodies and it was found out that the information is false.

As the result of the special investigative operations professionally implemented by the officers of the Baku City Main Police Department, as well as the Police Divisions of Khatai and Absheron districts, the two persons, who gave fake information about terrorism consciously, were identified and detained shortly after the incident. Both are the resident of the capital city.
Currently, the investigation is carried on.

It is brought to the attention of the citizens that such acts causing panic and agitation among people create criminal responsibility, and severe actions are taken about those who consciously give false information to the law enforcement agencies.

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