Report of the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


 A wide operational conference, dedicated to the results of 2017, was held in Baku City Main Police Department on January 18 with participation of the Minister of Internal Affairs, colonel-general Ramil Usubov.

The Minister opening the Conference with welcome speech noted that the constructive works carried out in the country under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, His Excellency Mr. Ilham Aliyev, and the successfully continued law enforcement policy, as well as the orders and instructions given by the Ministry in this regard has shown its positive impact on the activity of the police of capital city. It was brought to the attention that last year the operational conditions in Baku city and its different districts have been comprehensively analyzed, the interconnections have been improved by studying the key tendencies, negative processes and changes in the dynamics of crime, and that the proposals on increasing the efficiency of operational service activity have been prepared and executed.

The Minister of Internal Affairs emphasized that the protection of tranquility had been further strengthened and all necessary measures to prevent all possible provocative acts in time had been taken during the numerous international public events of Republic importance.
The Chief of the Baku City Main Police Department, Major General of Police Mirgafar Seyidov read a report on the fight against criminality, the protection of public order, the     maintenance of public security, the measures taken in the other areas of official activity, and the obtained results during the reporting period and on the upcoming tasks.

It was noted that the number of serious and very serious crimes had been decreased by 6 percent, intentional homicides by 4.8 percent, robberies by 10 percent, banditry by 16 percent, frauds by 3.4 percent, motor vehicle thefts by 6.3 percent, and hooliganisms by 12.2 percent in compare to the previous year.

80 percent of the crimes, including 78.7 percent of its more serious types, 69.7 percent of which happened under unclear circumstances, 94.4 percent of crimes against persons, as well as 92.9 percent of intentional homicides, 96.9 percent of assassination attempts, 90.2 percent of intentional grievous bodily harms, and 80 percent of kidnapping have been uncovered.

Mentioning the great importance of applying modern information technologies in prevention and disclosure of crimes, Major General of Police Mirgafar Seyidov brought to the attention of the event participants that, 5.301 cases had been revealed by the operators of “Safe City” of the main department and the territorial police authorities, and that 316 crimes have been uncovered by means of archived camera records.

It was also noted that 73.7 percent of those who are wanted as accused persons, 55.1 percent for serious and very serious crimes have been caught. More than 272 kilograms of drugs have been withdrawn from illegal turnover under 802 facts found out in regard with drugs. In relation to 2016, the number of road traffic accidents has been reduced by 5.6 percent and of injured persons by 20 percent, as well as the relevant measures have been taken about 92 drivers for auto hooliganism.

It was said in the report that the appeals and complaints of the citizens had been reviewed, the issue of their acceptance had been kept under strict control during the year, 74.283 applications and appeals had been received, and 1.915 citizens had been admitted.
The Head of the Main Department, at the same time, touched upon the faults made in official activity and provided detailed information on the performed works, and the duties ahead to eliminate them.

Making speeches around the report, the chiefs of the related official and regional police departments spoke abount the obtained positive results, as well as the faults and shortcomings, and the measures to be taken to eliminate them.

Closing the conference, the minister positively appreciated the activities of police authorities of the capital city in fight against criminality and maintenance of public safety during 2017, in general, gave special tasks and recommendations.

Mr. Ramil Usubov demanded from the chiefs of the main department and its structural agencies to increase the efficiency of operational-preventive work, to practically assist to the territorial police authorities in preventing crimes, uncovering the crime cases remaining closed, from the view point of that the most of the crimes recorded over the capital city are against property, to take more effective actions in this field in the future, and to intensify operational measures for withdrawal of more drugs, especially their types having stronger influence, from illegal turnover.

The minister reminded that each of the officers must hold dear the name of Police, the interests of the state and the citizens, and his call of duty, must strictly adhere to the rules of ethical conduct, and must ensure citizen satisfaction as the main goal of his activities. Colonel General Ramil Usubov expressed his assurance that the personnel of the police authorities of the capital city  will worthily implement all tasks put forward by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the obligations which are incumbent upon them in the fight against criminality, the protection of public order, as well as the maintenance of public safety, and will give their contribution to the maintenance of safety and tranquility to the high level in Baku city, in this year too, when our country will be rich in important events, internationally important competitions, public events, public events, significant holidays in its socio-political, cultural and sport life.


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