Minifootball competition has been held among police officers


Several events are continued on the occasion of 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Police, who showed great selflessness in maintenance of stability and peace in our country, and gained the reliance of people by adequately fulfilling all obligations incumbent on them all the time for the protection of the people and the state.

According to the report of the Press Service of the MIA, in the minifootball sport competition held in the Sports Society of the MIA, 7 teams consisting of Main Department of Internal Troops, Baku city Main Police Department, Main Security Department, Main Transportation Police Department, Pоlice Аcаdеmy, Specific Quick Police Regiment, Main State Traffic Police Department have played for victory in 2 groups at the matches between the active units of the Internal Affairs Bodies. The main purpose of the event is to determine the national team of the MIA, as well.

The teams of the Main Transportation Police Department and the Specific Quick Police Regiment of the MIA have met on January 18. 

Before the match, the Deputy Chief of the MTPD, police colonel Rovshan Еyyubоv made a speech and said that Azerbaijan Police fulfill its responsibilities such as preventing crimes, maintaining public order and safety, providing human rights and freedom fairly, as well as serve for the sake of people and the state all the time adequately. Pоlice colonel especially emphasized that our police officers give contribution to the great successes of Azerbaijan in sports, as they  fulfill the tasks incumbent on them in fighting against criminality more efficiently, uncovering the cases, protecting the state’s interests safely, maintaining public tranquility, strengthening staff discipline, and raising the relations between police and citizens to higher.

Then the start signal was given for the matches between the teams. In the tough match, the team of the Main Transportation Police Department won 5-2.

On January 19, the teams of the MTPD and the Main Department of Internal Troops met. At that meeting, which was welcomed with interest, the team of the MTPD won by a score of 3-2 and took the 3rd place in the overall standings.

Afterwards, the ceremony of awarding winners took place. Speaking in the ceremony, the chair person of the Sports Society of the MIA, police colonel Zemfira Meftakhetdinova congratulated the winners, and evaluated as a positive situation of being in the top three of the team of MTPD.

The goalkeeper of the team was considered worthy of the title “The Best Goalkeeper”, and awarded by the Certificate of Honor of the MIA administration.

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