Children were rescued from fire


On February 3, at early hours there was a fire in a shop at the entrance of the three-storey building locating at the address Shamil Azizbayov 156, Nasimi region in the capital city. According to the report of the Press Service of the MIA, the officers of the relevant authorities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Nasimi district Police Department have immediately been involved to the scene.

Urgent measures were undertaken in order to evacuate the residents.

14 years old Karam, 12 years old Eljan and 9 years old Seljan from Safarli family, who had been helplessly stuck in an apartment at the third storey of the building were rescued by the police officers, and were provided first medical aid. The health status of these children, who are relatives, is satisfactory.

The firefighters prevented the spread of the fire.

In the result of the case, the officers of Post Patrol Service of the Nasimi district PD, the provost sergeants Goshgar Ismayilov and Kamran Ahmadli, who saved the children’s have been poisoned by smoke. They were taken to the hospital.

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