From Baku city Main Police Department and the city prosecution office


Unspecified information have spread in some mass media about the death of Ahmadov Mubariz Shamil born in 1974 at hospital because of severe bodily injuries resulting from being beaten near the International Bus station locating in the territory of Binagadi district of the capital city.
In this regard, it is reported that, the scene and the body were reviewed by the officers of the district prosecution office and the Police Department with participation of the forensic expert on the basis of the information about that M.Ahmadov was taken to the Clinical Medical Center and died there with “traumatic brain injury, bruise of the brain” diagnosis, and other necessary procedural actions were executed.
At the Investigative Division of the Police Department, a criminal case has been initiated on the fact under the Articles 263.2 (breach of the road traffic and vehicle operation rules causing death of injured) and 264 (escaping from the scene of a traffic accident) of the Criminal Code, and relevant examinations have been appointed, because it was identified with the carried out investigations that M.Ahmadov was injured and died in the result of being beaten by a car on February 5 of the current year.
During the investigation, Zalov Eldar Israil born in 1971 was detained as a suspect and brought to interrogation, as some reasonable suspicions have been on commission of the accident with “KamAZ” branded heavy goods vehicle having state registration plate No.21-BF-499 identified.
Currently the investigative and operational measures are continued on the criminal case.

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