Mobile services are carried on


Mobile services on issuance of Identification Cards and renewal of expired documents in cities and regions of the country are carried on under the instruction of the administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the report of the Press Service of the MIA, the next event aimed at further acceleration of this work and ensuring the citizens’ satisfaction was held in Sulutapa settlement by the officers of the Registration and ID card Division of the Binagadi DPD. During the event held in administrative building of the Khojasan Municipality 40 people’s document were accepted in total. Most of them were receiving their first ID cards. The medical workers of the Polyclinic No.15 had also come in order to determine the blood groups of the applicants.

Disabled and physically limited people do not remain beyond the attention during such events. This time, the police officers came to the address where 13 years old Aydan Aliyeva with physical disability lives and collected relevant documents in order to provide her with a new ID card.

The officers of the Registration and ID card Division said that such events would be held in other settlements too.

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