Information from the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


The Ministry of Internal Affairs hosted a broad Board meeting dedicated to “the state of preparations made by internal affairs bodies in the protection of public order in regard with the presidential elections to be held in the Republic of Azerbaijan and the forthcoming tasks” and “state of work done concerning providing citizens with ID cards” on March 16.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Colonel General Ramil Usubov said that both issues discussed are topical and include important areas related to the activities of internal affairs bodies. The Minister reminded that more than 5 million people having voting rights, as well as numerous international observers are expected to participate in the presidential elections - a nationally important event in the socio-political life of our country, which is crucial for further determination of the destiny of our nation and statehood. He noted that on April 11 of this year, the relevant “Action Plan” had been approved to ensure public order and security, which are essential for citizens to freely express their wills, it was taken into special control and necessary measures were taken to ensure its implementation.
Emphasizing that all people having voting rights were provided by identity cards, and mobile voting services were provided in the capital and regions by the Main Passport, Registration And Migration Department of the Ministry in recent months in order to ensure citizen satisfaction, Colonel General R.Usubov mentioned that such events were welcomed by the public, but there were still certain things to do.  

Mentioning about the current crime rate in the country, the Minister said that complex measures on anti-criminal warfare, ensuring public safety, protection of human rights and freedoms were successfully being continued and in general, the forthcoming tasks were properly executed in the past period of the current year.
The head of the Main Public Safety Department, Major General Ogtay Karimov, made a speech about the first issue on the agenda. It was noted that a special working group consisting of employees of relevant main departments and departments of the Ministry and special operative group in Baku City Main Police Department were established in order to check the information about the progress of elections, as well as violations of law, and take necessary measures and timely report the results.

The issues of ensuring the safety, protection of the rights of voters, international observers and other subjects participating in this process, and strict adherence to the rules of ethical behavior by police officers in connection with citizens during propaganda and agitation stage of the election campaign, as well as on the polling day, are at the center of attention. 11,000 “Instruction sheets” on the rights and duties of the police at this crucial stage prepared in conjunction with the Central Election Commission were handed out to the staff. Detailed information on the rights and duties of the police in the election process, taken safety measures were provided by the curator Deputy Minister at the meeting held on February 15 of this year at the Central Election Commission on the topic of “Duties of local executive bodies in the process of preparation and holding of the presidential elections of the Republic of Azerbaijan and their interaction with election commissions”.   

The speaker noted that all the bodies and units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will serve in a reinforced mode; more than 12000 police officers, who will ensure the protection of the constituency and precinct election commissions were fully equipped with all the necessary special and other items, the number of teams involved in ensuring the rule of law in public areas, as well as streets, was increased by considering the changes in the dislocation plans of the city and district police authorities. State of adherence to the rule of law in the place where the propaganda and agitation campaign is held and around the polling stations on the polling day will continuously be monitored through the “Safe City” system surveillance cameras, and all illegal actions will be responded immediately and the nearest teams will be directed to the scene. It was stated that as ballot papers were brought to the constituency and precinct election commissions, the constituency and precinct election commissions will be protected by police for 24 hours.
The head of the General Passport, Registration and Migration Department, Major General Nusrat Shirinov made a speech on the state of work done concerning providing citizens with ID cards.

The head of the Main Department said that the international practice on rendering services regarding providing citizens with ID cards in better quality, convenient, new style and by application of modern innovations was thoroughly studied and execution of the tasks arising out of the decrees, orders and instructions of the head of the state, legislation of the country, was always kept in the center of attention, and the requirements arising out of the State Program on the application of new generation documents were consistently fulfilled. As a result, provisions related with ID cards having electronic chips were added to the legislative acts, and the specification, appearance and sample of that document were approved. More than 20 data, including individual biometric indicators are intended to be inserted into the chips of new ID cards. In general, all the tasks set forth for the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the use of biometric ID cards according to the decree of the President of the country dated on December 8, 2017, were fulfilled.

The speaker noted that the work of the groups responsible for registration and identity card issues operating at “ASAN Service” Centers of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations are also under control. Only last year 646,242 ID cards were issued to citizens of the country in the relevant centers.
It was reported that mobile teams consisting of employees of authorities responsible for registration and identity card issues were sent to serve in the frontier regions, ID cards were issued to 14 thousand people or the relevant expired documents were renewed from May 16 of the last year to March 1 of this year. Total of 8 million 614 thousand 710 citizens, including 6 million 748 thousand 524 people over the age of 16, were provided with ID cards from September 2001, when the reforms regarding the renewal of ID cards to March of this year. 

The work done and forthcoming tasks were discussed in detail during the speeches. Closing the meeting, the Minister stated that the work done on both issues was satisfactory, there were cases negatively affecting the overall work in separate territorial bodies, along with the obtained positive results, he got the participants to concentrate in their comprehensive analysis, ways of eliminating them, as well as forthcoming tasks and gave specific instructions and recommendations.

He mentioned the importance of ensuring public order, adequate fulfillment of the duties set forth by the legislation, strict adherence to the rules of carrying out the uniforms, and of exemplary behavior in connection with citizens, further improvement of the level of physical, combat and professional training of employees during the presidential elections to be held on April 11. Reliable protection of public order in the places where the presidential candidates and their representatives carry out propaganda and agitation campaigns, hold meetings, promptly preventing provocations and negative circumstances, reliable protection of election commissions, as well as ballot papers, polling protocols and other documents, at the same time, the full provision of the people having voting rights with the relevant documents until the polling day, completion of the work on renewal of the expired ID cards in the short period of time, improving the performance of mobile teams were required from the heads of the relevant authorities.  
At the end of his speech, Minister Ramil Usubov noted that the administration of the country has always been paying great attention to the internal affairs bodies of the republic, he mentioned the increase in monthly salaries of employees, military servants and civil servants by the relevant orders of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan as of March 1 of the current year, with satisfaction as the next proof of this and expressed his gratitude about that. He said he was assured that the staff will continue to fulfill the forthcoming duties and try to justify the high confidence on them.     

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