“Fight against drug addiction for healthy lifestyle”


The police officers meet with teacher and student collective of the high schools operating within the territories of the capital city, and provide recommendations and valuable advices on the aftereffects of the trouble of drug addiction.

According to the report given to “” from the Public Safety Department of Baku city MPO, a range of events have been held under the mottos “Say NO to drug addiction”, “Fight against drug addiction for healthy lifestyle”, “Drug abuse is a universal trouble” in 11 schools from several districts of the capital city. The principal goals of these educational events held under the Actions Plan prepared together with the Department of Fight against Drugs of the Main Office is to protect the youth and future, and to inform students of the harms of these bad habits.

It is emphasized in the report that a systematic and continual works are implemented in rights and responsibilities of minors. It was brought to the attention that the police officers make efforts in fight against the cases, which pave the way for drug abuse, try to prevent them. Parents, teachers and labor collectives also bear great responsibilities in the fight against drug addiction.

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