An event took place at the Main Police Department of Baku city.


Heads of departments, divisions and subdivisions of the Main Police Department, deputy chiefs of service of the Region Police Departments, deputy chairperson of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations Sayavush Heydarov took part in the event held under the chairmanship of the deputy chief of the Baku Main Police Department, Police Major General Sahlab Baghirov. Deputy Head of the Baku city Main Police Department Sahlab Baghirov, opening the event, gave the floor to the Deputy Chairperson of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations Sayavush Heydarov. In his speech, S. Heydarov noted that the socio-political situation in Azerbaijan, including the religious one, is stable, the main task of the Azerbaijani state in the sphere of religion is to ensure freedom of religion of citizens at a high level, and improve the regulation of relations between the state and religion. Then the processes and trends in the sphere of the religious situation in Azerbaijan were discussed, including the threat and influence in the religious sphere against our republic from the centers under the control of some foreign states. Further, the deputy head of the BCMPD, Police Major General Sahlab Baghirov, in his speech told about the importance of joint activities with relevant structures in the fight against religious radicalism, including the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations, noted the positive results achieved in this area. Baghirov said that in the future the necessary measures will be taken for further strengthening of the joint activities, regular exchange of information, at the same time protection of the socio-political order in connection with the month of Muharram.

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