Preventive measures are in the focus of attention.


The next awareness building campaign was held by Ministry of Internal Affairs with the participation of the pupils of upper classes in senior secondary school No 153 in Yasamal district on October 23, regarding to the execution of the duties arising out of the Law of Azerbaijan Republic on “Prevention of negligence of minors and law violations”.
According to the information of Press Service of MIA the representatives of District Police Office, Executive Power as well as pedagogical staff, narcologists and psychologists participated in the meeting.

Head of Main Public Security Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Police Colonel Adigozal Adigozalov started off the event, disclosed the purpose of the meeting and declared the subjects to be discussed.

A.Adigozalov made a speech on the subjects “The role of internal affairs bodies in the fields of aftereffects of criminal tendency of minors and their protection from the violence that they were subject and prevention of biased evasion of education and spread of radical religious sects” and “Safe use of internet” informed the aftereffects of law violations and noted that tolerance is related to national, cultural and moral values and historical traditions of Azerbaijan.

The representatives of District Police Office, Deputy Chief of Executive Power, chairperson of the commission on the minors’ affairs and protection of their rights, employees of education department and Registry Office of Civil Status Acts, narcologists and psychologists gave detailed information on the subjects “What do we know about drugs?”, as well as “Aftereffects of early marriage and increasing activist of the youth in its prevention”, “Religious radicalism” in order to make counter-drugs propaganda among the teenagers and youth.

While making the speeches, they drew attention to importance of jointly struggling against the spread of drug addiction, religious radicalism and early marriage and emphasized that labour collectives, teachers, youth as well as parents bear the responsibility for it.

The questions that are interesting for the pupils were answered and movie-reel was displayed during the discussions.

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