Raising our flag is the greatest blessing


Sport plays a great role in the social life of every country. Azerbaijan is a sports country. According to the information given by the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, today, our country hosts large-scale competitions at high level, Azerbaijan is accepted as a serious partner of the world’s sports society and our athletes are considered as the main competitors.
Employees of the internal affairs bodies, students of the Sports Society of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also do their best for recognition of Azerbaijani sports in international competitions organized worldwide.

The World Wrestling Championship held in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, from October 20 to 28 was successful for the representatives of our national team. Our national team occupied the 4th place in the overall ranking in this competition where more than sixty countries participated.

The student of the Sports Society of the MIA Eldaniz Azizli, who represented our national team, competed with confidence for the victory. Our wrestler, who is considered as one of the favourites of our national team on the Greaco-Roman wrestling, won the title of world champion by defeating all his opponents in the fight of the wrestlers weighing up to 55 kilograms. Our representative, who finished most of his matches ahead of time with victory, was considered one of the most powerful figures of the world championship.
An event was held at the Sports Society of the MIA in connection with this success of our representative returning to the Homeland. The Chairman of the Sports Society of the MIA, Olympic, world and European champion, Police Colonel Zemfira Meftakhatdinova said that significant achievements have been gained in the field of sports, as in all spheres in our republic. Strengthening the material and technical base of the sports, construction of modern sports facilities in the regions created conditions for tens of thousands of teenagers and young people to engage in sports. It was noted that the number of our promising athletes like Eldaniz is increasing year by year. All this gives us grounds to say that yet many victories are waiting for us in the future competitions and the Olympics.
Zemfira Meftakhatdinova specifically thanked the head coach of the national team Shaban Donat.

Head of the Sports training department of the Society, Lieutenant-Colonel Ilyas Sirajov and Chief Inspector of the department, Police Lieutenant-Colonel Radik Huseynov wished our champion more success.
European and world champion Eldaniz Azizli said that he will not rely on this victory and will work hard to constantly raise the Azerbaijani flag to the tops and to sound our anthem and thanked the management of the country and the MIA for the created conditions, the attention and care.

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