Head of Main Police Department of Baku City, Police Major General Mirgafar Seyidov responds to APFP Chairman Ali Karimli’s allegations


- Mr. General, after the recent rally organized by the National Council of Democratic Forces, Ali Karimli, the chairman of APFP, one of the main organizers claimed in his interview that the authorities are frightened, and that police forces are mobilized all around the capital. What is your attitude toward his ideas?

- The Chairman of the Popular Front Party and his supporters try to speak with authorities with ultimatum and blackmailing, by taking power of making speech on behalf of the people by drowsing and losing sense of reality, after the last rally. Our people still suffer from the effects of the wrong decisions made by political incompetence, inexperience and irrationality of Ali Karimli and others, who were the leading functionaries of the APFP-Musavat during the ten-month rule. Nevertheless, Ali Karimli, who always speaks of truth, justice, objectivity, democracy, about the violation of human rights, and tries to teach about the rule of law, did not find moral strength and courage to apologize for disaster they caused to nation while in power.
The great leader Heydar Aliyev, who came to power in 1993 with an insistent demand of our people, made great efforts to prevent the chaos, anarchy and impunity created in the country because of the unfair activity of A.Karimli and others. Due to the purposeful domestic and foreign policies of the national leader and the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev, stability and peace in our country have been restored; human rights and freedoms have been securely ensured.

Now, Ali Karimli and his supporters, who accused the authorities of being frightened from the rallies and mobilized against the rally participants in the country's capital, must know that the Azerbaijani state, law enforcement agencies are always with their citizens, protected and will protect their security, tranquility, rights and interests from all kinds of illegal actions.

All the staff of the Baku Police garrison will take all necessary measures together with other law enforcement agencies in order to ensure peace and security in the capital.

Today, the main purpose of the proactive-preventive and operational activities in the capital is to protect the lives, health, safety and tranquility of the residents of our capital, getting perfect day by day and becoming one of the safest cities in the world. The illegal actions of any destructive forces, including A.Karimli and his supporters, who want to break the stability in the city of Baku, to muss with mass disorders, and to realize their antinational goals by intentionally make confrontation with the police will be prevented decisively.

- Mr. General, according to our information, the National Council wants to hold a rally in the coming days. How do you feel about it?

- In the latter rallies, they made their real intentions and attempted to break the order in the capital and create disturbances. Undoubtedly, we prevented such illegal actions. Therefore, I will file a petition to the Baku City Executive Power for not allowing any of them to hold a public meeting until they can manage the mass.

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