Persons involved in drug trafficking were detained


As a result of operation held by the officers of the Criminal Investigation Department and Drug Enforcement Division of  Sabunchu District Police Department, persons engaged in illegal drug trafficking and sale were detained.

Resident of Mashtagha settlement Mutallim Babayev suspected in the crime was detained during the operation. During the search, 5,695 grams of narcotic drug was discovered and taken away. As a continuation of operational measures, 3 kilograms 200 grams of heroin, 104.17 grams of marijuana, as well as electronic scales and Magnum brand shotgun were discovered in the yard of the house where M.Babayev lived. In his testimony, the detainee said he had obtained the drugs with intention to sell.

As a result of another successful operation carried out by Sabunchu DPD officers, a former convicted Rafael Huseynov, resident of Baku, was detained in Bakikhanov settlement. Police officers discovered 5 kilograms 150 grams of dried marijuana on him during the search of his sport bag. The detainee said he planted the herbs with narcotic composition with intention to sell.

A criminal case has been filed in the Investigation Department of Sabunchu DPD on both of these facts and the investigation is ongoing.



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