Stealers from shops were arrested


One of the shops in the Khatai district was stolen. The owner of the facility appealed to the 37th Police Department, saying that 250 manat, conversational cards and tobacco products were stolen by unknown persons.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Khatai District Police Department's 37th Police Department detained Rashad Bayramli and the resident of Kurdamir district Nijat Yunusov, suspected of committing the crime, as a result of the search operation. They confessed that they were stealing in their testimony.

The additional measures taken by the detainees in the Khatai DPD revealed that they had stolen money, tobacco products and household items in addition to 9 stores, 2 yards and 3 storage places in the district.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated against the detainees of the Criminal Code of the Khatai District Police Office and the investigation is underway.

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