Educational event titled "Say no to drugs!"...


November 12, in the full secondary school No. 7 named after M. Rahim in Sabail district an educational event “Say no to drugs!” was held. The event, organized by the Public Security Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration of the Baku city MPD, was attended by employees of the Sabail District Police Department.
The event was attended by the head of the Department of Public Security, Colonel-Lieutenant of Police Maryam Omarova, an employee of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Colonel-Lieutenant of Police Elchin Safarov, the Assistant Chief of the Sabail DPD for Personnel Affairs, Colonel-Lieutenant of Police Emil Javadov.

The participants of the event were informed about the measures taken by law enforcement agencies to combat persons involved in drug trafficking. It was noted that there is a decisive struggle against persons spreading this disaster within the framework of the law, and at the same time, educational measures are being taken to protect adolescents and youth from drug addiction.

Police officers explained young people the need to avoid bad habits and people caught in drug addiction and advised them to direct their attention to education and science and make the right choice for a patriotic and healthy life.

At the end of the event, the school principal, Kyonul Hasanova, thanked the police on behalf of the community for providing detailed information about drug addiction.

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