Preventive measures are continued


An educational event on the subject “Drug addiction is a tragedy of humanity”, “Let's say no to early marriages and bad habits” was held in the educational complex number 132-134 of the capital with the organizational support of the Public Security Department of the Baku city Main Police Department and the Sabail District Police Department.

The event was attended by the employees of the Main Police Department, Sabail DPD, the clergy, volunteers, school teachers and students. The head of the Public Security Department of the Baku city MPD, police colonel-lieutenant Maryam Omarova noted that drug addiction creates the conditions for offenses, slows down the development of the family and society as a whole. According to het, in recent years, Azerbaijan has taken appropriate measures in this sphere, and the fight against drug trafficking has been intensified.

In her speech, the chief inspector of the Public Security Department of the Baku city MPD, police major Kamala Alakbarova, informing schoolchildren about early marriages and their consequences, noted that forcing girls to marry at an early age prevents their education and development as an individual, affects negatively their mental condition, which doesn’t bode well for the future. K. Alakbarova also spoke about measures taken to prevent early marriages, and the impact of such cases on a healthy society.

The Personnel Management Assistant to the Head of the Sabail DPD, police lieutenant colonel Emil Javadov, spoke about the fight of the police against drug trafficking and its results. He said that today the police officers also continue their efforts so that in the future, adolescents and young people do not fall into the clutches of the "white death", and pay particular attention to educational events. Schoolchildren being the builders of the future should be more sensitive in this issue, abstain from bad habits and focus on education and sports.

At the conclusion of the event, schoolchildren asked questions to the police officers. And police officers answered their questions.

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