Robbers were detained


A person who was stealing from VAZ-2121 (Niva) cars and selling the stolen items via online shopping sites, as well as a person who robbed a woman were arrested.
According to the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a person was arrested, who was stealing in the territory of Binagadi district from the different owners’ cars, mainly VAZ-2121 models, breaking the car window. Through urgent operational-search activities implemented by the employees of the 5th Police Division of Binagadi District Police Department based on the number of complaints from victims, Baku resident, Ali Kazimov, was detained on suspicion of committing thefts.

It should be noted that cameras available on the territory recorded the actions of the detainee during the theft. In his testimony, Ali Kazimov stated that he stole audio amplifiers, music players and other items from VAZ-2121 cars and then he offered them for sale on an online shopping site.

Through the next operation implemented by the personnel of the 5th Police Division of Binagadi DPD, a crime, committed against a woman in the district territory in December last year, was solved. On that day, an unknown person grabbed the mobile phone of the victim and fleed the scene. Mehdi Zeynalov, Baku resident, was detained during the operation, as suspected of committing this crime.

It should be noted that at the time, the victim was ordering a taxi to go to the residence place. As she could not explain the address to the taxi driver, she asked for help from Mehdi Zeynalov, who was passing by, giving him her mobile phone. Instead, he grabbed the woman's phone and fleed the scene.

The materials collected on the facts in the 5th Police Division regarding the detained persons were sent to the Investigation Department of the Binagadi DPD. Investigations are ongoing.

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