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60 people involved in drug trafficking and 2 people owning firearms were detained in Surakhani over March and April


During the operations carried out by employees of the Surakhani district Police Department in the Hovsan, Yeni Gunashli, Yeni Surakhani, and Amirjan settlements, 7 people were detained for drug trafficking – Seymur Rashidov, Khayal Sultanov, Ibrahim Ibrahimov, Rashad Mammadov, Namin Badalov, Samandar Shukurov and Mikail Suleymanov. In total, more than 10 kg of heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine were seized from them. The detainees stated that they had purchased drugs on social networks from unknown-to-them citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in order to sell them online on the territory of the capital.

It should be noted that during the operations carried out over March and April of this year in Surakhani district, a total of 60 people involved in drug trafficking were detained. They are being investigated by the Investigative Unit of the Police Department. During the same period, 2 more people were detained in Surakhani district for illegal possession of weapons. 2 Kalashnikov assault rifles were found in their possession.
Police officers on the territory of Surakhani district continue to take measures to detain people engaged in drug trafficking and other illegal actions.