Main Police Department of Baku city

Reception of citizens


of the reception of citizens by the administration of Baku city Main police department

Chief, Major General of Police Akbar Ismayilov Majid   - on Mondays of the first and third weeks of each month at 17:00

Deputy Chief, Major General of Police l Vugar Alakbarov Hidayat  - on Mondays of the second and fourth weeks of each month at 17:00

Deputy chief, police colonel Eldeniz Kazim oglu Mammadov - on Mondays of the second and fourth weeks of every month at 17:00

Note: Registration for the reception of the Chief and Deputy Chief is carried out every Friday from 10:00 to 13:00.

Days of the reception of citizens by the chiefs of services of Main police department

Abdullayev Azar Namizad – Head of Secretariat (Monday)

Sariyev Bakir Gahraman - Head of Organizational and Inspection Department (Monday)

Mammadov Shakir Farman– Head of HR Department (Friday)

Ogtay Murad Süleyman - Senior Assistant of IPS of the Head of MPD (Saturday)

Ahmadov Tarkhan Gafar - Head of Criminal and Investigation Department (Monday)

Aliyev Ismayil Israyil - Head of Investigation and Inquiry Department (Wednesday)

Zeynalov Tarlan Ayaz - Head of Investigation Department (Friday)

Karimov Elnur Elkhan - Head of Public Security Department (Tuesday)
Huseynov Ilkin Yunis - Head of Department of Countering Drugs In Cyberspace (Thursday)
Aslanov Rza Kazim – Head of Finance and Planning Department (Wednesday)

Ismayilov Nazim Kazim - Operations and Statistics Data Department

The reception by STPD administration will be held at the address of Badamdar village, M.Mushfig street, at the intersection of extreme ring road (phone number: 510-72-89),
and the reception of the PD administration in the Metro - at administrative buildings of these services, located at the exit from "Nizami" metro station (phone number: 490-02-34).

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