Thieves who have committed theft in an apartment were arrested


Theft was committed in an apartment located in the Binagadi district. An unknown man broke into the house and stole gold jewelry and 2 mobile phones from the closet.

According to the press service of the MIA, employees of the 5th Police Department of the Binagadi District Police Department inspected the scene. It was found that the person who committed the theft entered the apartment located on the 2nd floor, breaking the window. As a result of the operation conducted by the department’s employees, minor residents of the capital, suspected of committing the incident, Oruj Aghayev and Ilkin Salayev were arrested. During the investigation, it turned out that they had committed numerous thefts in other parts of the capital except the Binagadi district.

As a result of another operation conducted by police of the 5th Police Department of the Binagadi DPD, a man who stole 800 manats at one of the doner sales points located on S.S. Akhundov street and grilled chicken equipment worth 900 manats was arrsted. During the operation, a resident of Ganja, formerly convicted Nasir Ismayilov, who was suspected of committing this incident, was arrested. In the course of the investigation, it turned out that he had previously worked at the mentioned point of sale of a doner.

In connection with the mentioned facts, the materials collected at the 5th Police Department regarding the detainees were sent to the Investigation Department of the Binagadi DPD, and an investigation is currently underway.

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