Dear memory of the great leader was remembered


Today, the 95th anniversary of the architect and founder of modern Azerbaijan, world-renowned politician, the national leader of our nation Heydar Aliyev is celebrated solemnly not only in the country, but also beyond its borders.  With participation of young employees, an event was held on the occasion of this significant date on the 10th of May in the Ministry of Internal affairs too.

The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, police lieutenant-general Ismat Aliyev made a speech at the gathering, and provided comprehensive information about the exclusive services of the great leader generally in the establishment of the New Azerbaijan, in strengthening and development of its independence, socio-political basis, statehood traditions, in upgrading it as a legal, democratic and global state, as well as in formation and improvement of the republic internal affairs authorities, in organization of the works of fight against criminality and ensuring public security to the high level.

The Deputy Minister said that the rich personal and professional life of this genius person will be studied over and over again by our and the next generations, each minute and each page of it will be an example, the Azerbaijanism Ideology founded by him will be immortal, and specially emphasized that his political heritage, leadership activity and statehood philosophy are adequately continued by our venerable president Ilham Aliyev.

In the end, the event participants watched a documentary film showing the great leader’s fascinating activity, which is an example for Azerbaijanis, has witnessed being written of the most glorious and hardest pages of our modern history.

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