The Board Meeting held a meeting at the Ministry of Internal Affairs


On April 17, the Ministry of Internal Affairs hosted a meeting of the Board dedicated to the state of affairs in the field of "Searching for missing and unnamed persons", "Prevention of crimes committed in public places" and "Organizing of profession training of personnel."
Minister of Internal Affairs, Colonel-General Ramil Usubov underlined that the issues discussed are important aspects of operational and service activities, as well as the importance of protecting people's lives, health, legal interests, rights and freedoms, the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported. He poiinted out that crucial work has been done to improve the activities of the Internal Affairs bodies in accordance with international standards within the framework of the reforms implemented successfully in the country in recent years and the law enforcement policy, and the professional staff capable of fulfilling the tasks set.
By speaking about the issues on the agenda, Major General Major General Arzu Dashdamirov, head of the Main Criminal Investigation Department, Chief of the Main Department of Public Security, Major General Major General Oktay Karimov  and Chief of the Main Human Resources organization, Police Major-General Rafig Abbasov spoke about the work carried out by the internal affairs bodies of the republic on the discussed issues, achievements gained through activities of Internal Affairs, the existing shortcomings and talked about the ways to overcome them and the challenges ahead.
Reports from a number of city and regional police authorities on the issues of the agenda, as well as the measures taken to combat crime and public order, pledged to address urgent issues in the session.
Summing up the meeting, Interior Minister R.Usubov noted that in the first quarter of the current year the positive results achieved in the fight against crime, the protection of internal security, human rights and freedoms have been developed in the republic, prosecutor's office, state security and other law and pointed out that effective cooperation with law enforcement agencies played an important role in this regard.
He noted that the work on the agenda issues was satisfactory and at the same time pointing to the existence of certain shortcomings and shortcomings in the work of some territorial bodies, requiring adequate measures for their elimination and gave his operational and service activities, instructions and recommendations in this matter.
It was emphasized that measures to search for the accused and missing persons, the prevention of crimes committed in public places, and the professional training of the personnel should be strengthened, and the legality and discipline in each body and organization should be strengthened, citizens should be more sensitive to their applications, each request and complaint should be reviewed in a timely manner and in a timely manner, with a strong commitment to increasing the responsibility of the personnel to the assigned area.
The Minister, Colonel-General Ramil Usubov assured the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev that the staff of internal affairs bodies will be able to cope with all the tasks set out in the legislation and all of the tasks, will spend all of his effort and ability to safeguard the stability of the country, peace of mind, the legitimate interests of the state and its citizens.

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